Wednesday, May 30, 2007

More Information on the Web

In this morning's news there was the story that Barack Obama had announced his plan for universal access to health care. As a result, I did a little looking around on the web for information about the plans of the various presidential candidates, and found what looks like a great new resource.

The site is called Health Care Talk. It's purpose is "National and by state discussion about access to health care." From the Index page one can access pages on a variety of topics, including one on Political Candidates - Access to Health Care Positions. Site members have posted links to candidate web sites, news stories, and video links on the health care statements of the various candidates. With those sources, the information looks reliable.

Health care will be an issue in the next election cycle, and we will all do well to follow the candidates' statements and published plans. This site looks like it will be a helpful resource for the purpose.

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