Friday, March 27, 2009

General Convention 2009: Let's Get It Started

It's hard to think about it, but I've been at this blogging business for three years.  That's meant a lot of time at the keyboard.  I've enjoyed it, even if I've had my down times.  Still, it helps to be opinionated.

One of the ways I'm conscious that it's been three years is that General Convention is coming up again.  One of the reasons I began to blog was that I felt that things were done and said at General Convention that most Episcopalians never heard about, much less thought about.  So, one of the tasks I had was to begin writing about issues to addressed at the 2006 Convention, and about issues that had been addressed there or at previous Conventions.

Well, I still feel that way, and here we are with another Convention rolling around.  Today the Blue Book, the collection of reports and proposed resolutions from commissions, committees, agencies, and boards of the Episcopal Church, was released.  You can read the Episcopal News Story about that here.  You can access the reports themselves here.

I encourage you to look at the various committees and read some of the reports.  I've begun doing that, and you should begin seeing the results of my reading soon. 

So, watch this space.  General Convention convenes again this July.  So much to prepare!  So much to talk about!

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