Saturday, March 13, 2010

Episcopal Chaplain? Going to APC in Schaumburg? You Must Read This!

This year the Association of Professional Chaplains (APC) is meeting in Schaumburg, Illinois, a northwest suburb of Chicago.  As we have in the past, the Assembly of Episcopal Healthcare Chaplains (AEHC) has scheduled its annual events at the same time.  This gives our members the chance to combine the Episcopal gathering with numerous opportunities for continuing education. 

For some time, denominational breakfasts, including one of Episcopalians, have been part of the APC Conference schedule.  The Episcopal Breakfast was included once again in the schedule this year for online registration.  A number of folks, including me, included that in our registration.  So, some of you may have been as confused as I to receive a letter from the Executive Director of APC saying that "due to an unforeseen change of plans, the Episcopal Faith Group breakfast... has been cancelled."  I want to assure you that this is not true, but that we need you to know and to help.

Here's the story: for the past decade our Episcopal Breakfasts at APC have been underwritten by the Office of the Bishop Suffragan for Federal Chaplaincies, Bishop Packard's office.  (That name for the office may be new to you, but it's the same office, and the same Bishop Packard who has always been so supportive.)  This is consistent with the other denominational breakfasts, which have been paid for by national offices.  However, with the significant budget reductions in the Episcopal Church Center (815), and the refocusing of Bishop Packard’s office specifically for Federal chaplaincies, the office is not able to help this year.

With that in mind, the Executive Committee of AEHC has stepped up.  We feel it is important that Episcopalians meet. AEHC has agreed to sponsor the event, and has asked that as each of us registers for AEHC events we include $25 to pay for the breakfast.  However, there has been some confusion in the offices of APC about this, and so a poorly worded and inaccurate letter went out to those of us registered for APC including an Episcopal Breakfast.  Most of us have now received an email to let us know, and to provide contact information to register.

So, there will be an Episcopal breakfast at APC, along with our annual AEHC Eucharist and the AEHC Business meeting.  Our President, Margie Tuttle, is working with APC on arrangements, and is hoping to get the list of those who have registered so that we can reach out to the new folks as well.

If you’re not familiar with AEHC, or if you’re still considering registering for the Episcopal Breakfast, we’d love to have you join us.  I have posted below information about AEHC events and a registration form.  Just print this post, cut off and fill out the form, and send it to Margie Tuttle at the address on the form.  You are welcome to join us for the Breakfast, and also for the Banquet Cruise Tuesday evening (I’ve long said that the Episcopalians have the best party at APC.)  If you’d like to join us, but costs are an issue, email me at the address on my Profile, and I will forward it to Margie.  Some scholarship money is available, and we’d like to meet as many folks as possible.

We look forward to seeing you in Schaumburg.  On behalf of the Executive Committee of AEHC, please know that we’d like to know the healthcare chaplains in the Episcopal Church, and serve them in any way we can.

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