Friday, March 25, 2011

Raising Up One of Our Own

One of the joys of gathering with colleagues is discovering wonderful things they have done.  I have one of those to announce.  My colleague, Episcopal priest and chaplain and AEHC member the Rev. Dr. Hiltrude Nusser-Telfer has written a book, and it's now available for purchase.  The title is Outcomes of Faith During Hospitalization: A Case Study Method.  It describes her own steps in reviewing cases, and offers a number of cases to illustrate.  It is available from Author House in paperback and as an ebook; and also from Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Case studies, both in the form of verbatims, and in other formats have been essential parts of clinical learning and professional development for chaplains.  We need to share the stories, and also how we analyze and learn from them.  Chaplain Nusser-Telfer is sharing her stories with us and offering herself.  It's one more opportunity to learn from one another's experience.

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