Wednesday, September 19, 2007

And Another New Article: Healing Spirit

Another new article has become available on line today: one not by me but about me. (As a colleague says periodically, "He who doth not toot his own horn, the same shall not hath his horn tooted;" or something like that.)

Healing Spirit is a publication of the Association of Professional Chaplains. It is, as described on the APC web site, "a bi-annual publication with a circulation of 20,000 that illustrates through captivating stories how the lives and faiths of individuals, families and staff in specialized settings are strengthened through spiritual care offered by professional chaplains." The audience includes chaplains, but also administrators, leaders in faith communities, and others who support the work and mission of chaplains.

You can reach the article by linking here. Open the link for "Fall, 2007," and then scroll through the .pdf file to page 13 to see the article on this blogging chaplain. Then, take some time and review the other articles in this issue, and articles in previous issues (you can find those by scrolling down the page above). They will offer you interesting stories and images of healthcare chaplains and the work we do.

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