Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Still Becoming an Episcopal Chaplain

 While I’ve been pretty slow in postíng in this strange and difficult year, I know some folks are still looking for my posts on becoming an Episcopal chaplain. With that in mind, our friends at the Episcopal Church Center want to be sure we have the best link to open the Application for Ecclesiastical Endorsement. The best current link is here. I’ve also shared this in Facebook and have updated the link at our website, Assembly of Episcopal Healthcare Chaplains.

And, if you have found your way here searching about becoming an Episcopal healthcare chaplain, those are also good resources. There is the AEHC Facebook page, and information on our website, including a flowchart about the process. You can contact me to ask for help, or contact AEHC from the web site, or find a connection on Facebook. We’re happy to provide information and support your process.