Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Getting the Fire Lit: A Sermon on Proper 15 C

I am a bit late posting, but I had the opportunity again to preach at St. Mary Magdalene Episcopal Church on August 18th. I began by wondering what happened to "Fairest Lord Jesus." If you wonder where I ended up, you can listen here.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Confession Is Good for the Soul - Not to Mention Credibility

Over the years I’ve been blogging, I’ve cited a number of stories from National Public Radio (NPR). I have said here and elsewhere that if I say I’ve heard something on the news, it’s most likely that I’ve heard it on NPR. Now, I’ve been listening to NPR since folks in the Reagan Administration called it “Radio Managua,” because it questioned (among other things) the value of U.S. support for anti-Sandinista paramilitary forces - the support that ended up in the embarrassing Iran-Contraaffair. And I know there are those who question the quality and/or the editorial perspective of NPR.

I still find NPR credible, and one of the reasons is visible in this report that I heard today. It is a report on a report. More specifically, it reports about a series of investigative reports, and how the NPR Ombudsman came to question the quality of the investigation and of the reporting. In the end, the report today noted that the Ombudsman raised his questions in an extensive report, and the NPR leadership agreed on the one hand that the investigation could have been done better and reported better, while also feeling that the conclusions of the investigation were still valid.

Now, I’m sure there will be those who cry, “See how perfidious!” and proclaim that NPR is corrupt. I, on the other hand, am reassured. I respect an organization that not only reviews its own work but publically exposes the results. This shows a commitment to integrity and honesty, and a willingness to accept public embarrassment to demonstrate good faith. This is not just a correction, buried on the radio equivalent of page 3. It is self-examination, carried out for all the world to see.

Any news organization will have mistakes happen. They are, after all, human institutions. I look forward to seeing just how committed other news organizations are to acknowledging not only that “mistakes were made,” but also letting the rest of us really see just how.

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

On All Kinds of Greed

I preached again this past Sunday at St. Mary Magdalene Episcopal Church in the Village of Loch Lloyd in Missouri. The lessons for Proper 13 led me to a reflection on "stuff," and on all kinds of greed (it's in the Gospel lesson). You can listen here. I hope you enjoy it.

Monday, August 05, 2013

The Best Connection for Endorsement

I have been making some changes to the web site of the Assembly of Episcopal Healthcare Chaplains. One of the changes I’ve requested there I’m also going to make here. The Application form for Endorsement for Healthcare Ministries has a new web site. The best place to connect now is here. In addition to this post, I’ve updated the link in my sidebar.
The process hasn’t changed. Complete the form and submit it electronically. It will be received at the Episcopal Church Center. The person who receives it will contact the diocesan bishop for consent, and with the bishop’s consent will forward the application to our Endorsing Officer. That person will then send the letter of endorsement, with copies to the appropriate professional organization and the appropriate bishop. And, of course, you should have picked up from this that the first step is really to meet your bishop so that she or he knows of your ministry.
I’ve written before of the importance of Endorsement. It is still important, not only for those seeking certification, but also to raise the visibility of professional healthcare ministries in the Episcopal Church. So, make that appointment if you haven’t; and then get the application in. It serves you, and your colleagues, and the whole Episcopal Church.

Thursday, August 01, 2013

The Anglican Health Network Carries On

I learned yesterday that a new edition of the Newsletter of the Anglican Health Network is available. Paul Holley, Coordinator of the Network, has shared that news. It isn't actually up at the AHN web site yet, but you can read it here.

The Network has had some changes lately, including some loss of donors. However, it continues to share information and resources about health care activities across the Anglican Communion. So, take a look at this edition of the newsletter; and then from the web site look at earlier editions. There are many health care ministries across the Communion, and the Newsletter of the Network is helping to spread the word.