Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Watch This Space

Siblings, I haven't been regular, much less frequent, for some time. Well, change is coming. A few of you know. More of you will know soon. By spring, many things in my life will be different.

This is good news, or will be once I've shared it more widely. It is good for me and for my Best Beloved, and we have been planning it literally for years. I haven't started something really new and (largely) unshaped in some time.

And time is part of my hope. I hope that I will have time to share more. It will shock no one to hear that over these past years I have continued to be opinionated. I have just felt reasons I couldn't share, chiefest among them time. So, I have hope that I'll have time to return to being noisy and thinking out loud.

So, watch this space.