Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Renewal at the Episcopal Café

I wanted to invite my readers to take a look again at the Episcopal Café. The Café has been moved to a new host and server, with new leadership. The look is very different.

At the same time, the intent is the same: to reflect important news for and some of the best thinking in the Episcopal Church today. The format looks different, and some of the categories have been combined. To get a better feel, you might look at a couple of articles talking about transition to the new site.

I have had one realization. Some of my earlier links to articles at the Café work and some don't. It may take some time to sort those out. At this point, too, it isn't possible to search the new site. There is hope that it will come.

One way or another, it is still worth reading and reviewing. Take a look at the Café, and at some of the interesting - and, yes, exciting - things that people want to showcase about and for the Episcopal Church. It certainly looks new, but it remains worth our time and attention.