Wednesday, January 30, 2008

AEHC: A (Very Different) Meeting in Pittsburgh

I wanted to bring to everyone’s attention the Annual Meeting of the Assembly of Episcopal Healthcare Chaplains (AEHC), which is coming up next month. Events will be taking place March 9 and 10 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Let me share with you in part the letter from Margie Tuttle, President-elect of AEHC, and planner for this year’s Conference:

We hope you’re coming to Pittsburgh! The Assembly of Episcopal Healthcare Chaplains will gather for worship, fun, and fellowship during the annual Conference of the Association of Professional Chaplains.

AEHC Schedule

Sunday, March 9 7:00 a.m.

Celebration of Holy Eucharist
Breakfast sponsored by Bishop Packard’s Office
AEHC Annual Meeting

Monday, March 10 6:30 p.m.

Banquet – Dinner Cruise

Come aboard the Keystone Belle of the Gateway Clipper Fleet for a buffet dinner and narrated tour of three rivers. We’ll sail from the Convention Center Dock, a short walk from the hotel. The cost is $60.00 per person. A cash bar will be available. The Keystone Belle is handicapped accessible. Please don’t let the increase in cost for the banquet stop you. Assistance is available.

AEHC members will be receiving this letter and a registration form shortly, and it will also be in the coming issue of Chaplair, the AEHC newsletter. However, if you’re available and interested and would like information, email me either through this blog or from the AEHC web site, and I’ll be happy to provide you with a registration form.

Take some time to look at the AEHC web site. Yes, some of the information is dated (mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa), but much is not (including the email link to me for more information). Take some time to learn more about who we are as an organization.

The AEHC Conference is taking place in conjunction with the Annual Conference of the Association of Professional Chaplains (APC). The APC Conference continues to offer the most opportunities for continuing education and networking; and since many of our members are limited in how many conferences they can attend, we think it offers them the best bang for limited bucks. You can learn about that meeting, including schedule and housing, at their web site.

I won’t be able to be in Pittsburgh myself this year – the first meeting I’ve missed in a decade and more. However, I hope you’ll consider it; and if you can, I hope you’ll join with Episcopal colleagues to celebrate our ministries in health care institutions.


Laura said...

Is AEHC defunct, or what's up with the website?

Marshall said...


Frankly, I don't know. The "login" page that seems to eb up today is entirely new. I'm now asking all the right questions.

That said, the site is undergoing significant revision. It's being moved into Episcopal Church Web Hosting, and when finished should have a new look and more frequent updates.

Please God, we'll get this resolved quickly.