Friday, January 18, 2008

New Shimmer! Is It Church Humor or Health Care Humor? Actually, It's Both!

(All right; apologies to the original cast of Saturday Night; but I couldn't resist.)

My friend over at Kirkepiscatoid has posted something delightful, something both of my constituencies should enjoy, titled, "If Clergy Paperwork were like Heath Care Paperwork." Take a few minutes and enjoy it.

My only comment is that Maria missed the requirement for a prescription before communion. When we first opened the hospital I serve, the Pharmacy had a liquor license. That's really not so unusual. They had need to buy ethanol in quantity, and the license made it easier I think. In any case, I asked the manager whether I could buy communion wine through the Pharmacy and get a better price. He said I could, but then I'd need a prescription for everyone who received communion. And he smiled as he said it; but it was only partly in jest. We would have really needed prescriptions for him to distribute it. Imagine the paperwork nightmare that would have been!

Anyway, read and have fun.

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