Thursday, April 19, 2007

Check Out the Episcopal Cafe

There's a new site on the Episcopal Church web scene. Take a look at the Episcopal Cafe. Episcopal Cafe has succeeded and incorporated Daily Episcopalian. It's also added areas on news, spiritual reflection, and wonderful resources on arts in the life of the Episcopal Church. You can see more at "About the Episcopal Cafe."

And, yes, I am a Contributor to the Episcopal Cafe. Looking at the other Contributors, I'm certainly in good company. I'll just have to work hard to measure up.

"Episcopal Chaplain at the Bedside" will still be my primary outlet. I'm pleased to contribute to the Episcopal Cafe, but that shouldn't change things here all that much. I guess I'm just too extroverted and opinionated, and so I'll still be here as much as ever (or near enough as not to matter).

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