Tuesday, April 03, 2007

What to Talk About

Our hospital has an agreement with the local school system to participate in a “Health Professions Exposure” program. (My wife, bless her, asked whether we would need to quarantine them after their “exposure.”) The intent is to give interested high school juniors and seniors a chance to see professionals working in the hospital and to learn from them something of what each job is actually like, how one prepares for the position, and what the professional likes best about the work.

I’m speaking tomorrow to two groups of such students. (The first group is as 7:30 a.m. I hope they’re awake.) I had planned to focus on how we talk about ethics in health care, and how that is different from ethics in the larger culture. However, the coordinator of the program sent some questions that the students themselves had raised. Those questions were really more about how one becomes a chaplain, what the work is like, etc. So, I’ve had this evening to do more work from scratch than I had originally planned. (I really hope that 7:30 group is awake!)

All of which caused me to think: what would my readers want me to talk about in that setting? So, I invite you to comment. If you have experience in health care ministry, what should I tell them about the work? If you don’t have that experience, what would you like to hear about?

Yeah, I know: I’m not likely to change anything between now and 7:30 tomorrow morning; but I’d still like to know. And I will consider addressing interesting topics in future posts here. So, hit the "Comment" link and let me know: what do you think I should talk about?


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a
"Career Day" experience -- what the job is, how you do it, what requirements there are , what's the pay scale, what's the hardest part of the job, etc. While a discussion of relative ethics might be interesting at some point in time, that might be something to put on a back burner or at least to use if you need a time-filler.

Marshall Scott said...

Well, that's really what I got clear on last night; and after some work, it's what I did today with the groups. I have another slot in a few weeks to do the ethics.

Remarkably, the morning group was more awake than the afternoon group. Or, perhaps considering it was the last hour of their school day, that wasn't so remarkable....

Thanks, mumcat.