Sunday, May 20, 2007

A Question to the Community

The recent interview with Archbishop Rowan Williams in Singapore includes this question and answer:

Q – Well, there’s going to be a Biblical Civilization Conference here next year. Any comments on that?

A – I find the idea very exciting. Archbishop Chew has talked to me a bit about it and I think that to remind people that biblical faith has been a foundation for civilization for a vital creative culture because it has a vital creative view of human being. It is a wonderful thing to get across.

I've done some looking, and I can't seem to find any information on the Biblical Civilization Conference. I've checked the Diocese of Singapore web site, and the Anglican Communion News Service. I've searched in Google and Google News. I can't find a thing. Does anyone know about this?


Bill Carroll said...

Marshall said...


Thanks for this. However, this is a conference that took place last year, and the Archbishop's comment is about something to take place next year. Now, if there will be another in 2008 like the one in 2006, and the Archbishop is excited about it, that piques my interest. The 2006 Singapore conference, and another on London in January of this year, were events to promote Christian support of Israel. The London conference was about "Christian Zionism," according to the Jerusalem Post ( This is, of course, a major interest among an Evangelical and Fundamentalist minority who see support of Israel as integral to bringing in the Kingdom. If that is something the Archbishop finds "very exciting," I think there's reason for concern.