Monday, May 14, 2007

Responding to the Study Guide: Some Help

I have spoken of the importance of the opportunity to respond to the Draft Covenant, and have made some responses of my own. Now, Progressive Episcopalians of Pittsburgh (PEP) has prepared a worksheet with instructions to help others respond. The forms are in Word, and are also available as self-extracting archive documents for PC and for Mac. If you haven't yet started your responses, take a look they. Time is short, and every response, even if partial, is important; and if this makes it simpler for you to make your contribution, it's well worth the effort, and something for which we can all be grateful.

Updated Thursday, 5-17-07:

PEP has provided some additional resources to help respond to help us all respond to the Study Guide and the Draft Covenant. There's a lot in it - the complete Draft Covenant with annotations, the Windsor Report and it's draft covenant, and more - making it a big document. However, it provides the broadest spectrum of literature collected in one place to help us work through this important process for the Episcopal Church.

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