Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Even More on Volunteers in Chaplaincy

There has been even more discussion published on PlainViews on working with volunteers in health care chaplaincy. For those of you who have been following, you can find comments, including my own, here. I don't have anything new to add today, but I think the ongoing discussion is worthwhile.


Susan Palwick said...

Hi, Marshall! Yes, I've read the latest, and I'm planning to post on my own blog. I may also alert my supervisor to this and try to nudge him to write something sticking up for volunteers, since he's ACPE certified. (I've thought about writing something myself, but I'm not sure it would help: the pros would just accuse me of false consciousness, or something.)

Marshall Scott said...

I'll look forward to your reflection.

You might want to go ahead and write. In any case, I hope you've noticed I'm not the only board certified chaplain who appreciates the volunteers who work with us.

Marshall Scott said...

kiturgy, thanks for reading and commenting. And, good luck in your CPE.