Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Blogging the CPE Experience

Now that summer is here, lots of seminarians are going through clinical pastoral education (CPE). As I sometimes look at seminarian blogs, I thought I would spend some time looking at blogs writing this summer about CPE. Below are some folks writing about that experience. If you're one of them, link through here, and offer one another some support. If you've been through CPE, listen to these voices and remember your own experiences. We can offer them some support, and some hope.


I Will Sing

little sacredspace

Wild Goose Chased (The Further Adventures of Melissa)

Wags' Cyber Seminary Experience

There may be others out there. If you bring them to my attention, I'll be happy to add them. In meantime, blessings on these CPE summer students.

Updated Tuesday, June 12:

Alan Abrams over at abayye is blogging about his own experience. He is a CPE Supervisory Resident, and is experiencing his first unit co-supervising - a big step when one is pursuing the role of an educator in CPE.


Anonymous said...

Marshall, thank you for sharing these links. As a CPE-hopeful, I appreciate the opportunity to hear about these experiences, and to pray for those having them. Peace & Cheers, David

abayye said...

Thanks for sharing these links! I have something to offer (abayye is my blog) from a slightly different perspective -- the reflections of someone co-supervising his first CPE unit. Be well! --Alan

Marshall Scott said...


Thanks for connecting. One's first unit co-supervising is indeed a different perspective, and is exciting. I remember my own well (no, I'm not certified, but I did spend three years in Supervisory CPE before deciding it wasn't really my vocation). At the same time, it is certainly a CPE experience, and has its place with the others.


AdelpheBre said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the links... My group is finishing CPE this Friday and it was great to read about others experiences. - Bre