Monday, October 15, 2007

My Latest at Episcopal Cafe

A couple of other places to find my recent comments:

First, my newest post is up at Episcopal Cafe. If you're not yet familiar with Episcopal Cafe, start with my post, and then read some of the other essays. I'm honored to be in such good company. I think you'll appreciate the quality of information and essays at the Cafe.

Second, I had a rant a few days ago on matters liturgical. It was in response to a news item at the Cafe. You can find my comment here. Read the original post, and the other comments; and then leave your thoughts as well.


Anonymous said...

I disliked the original article in The Lead because what I felt the author was advocating is some kind of Baptistpalian service. There are a lot of us who came to the Episcopal Church because of, not in spite of, the liturgy and even some badly-sung hymns. The BCP service had a beauty and an formality so different from ordinary life and to me, that's important for church.

Hmm. I feel a rant coming on. I think I'd better blog this at my place. Thanks for the thought-provoker.

bls said...

That's an excellent article, Fr. Marshall. And now I'm hungry....


(Really, I think you caught the flavor of the thing very well. Time takes time, as we say in A.A.; perhaps my experiences there have taught me patience after all.

There are still many things that frustrate me about the Church, though. I was glad to read in the Bishops' statement the strong statement in support of civil rights for gay people - but no specific condemnation of certain actions by certain Archbishops. But something here is indeed better than nothing, and we must continue to push the Church to speak out against violations of the persons of gay folks the world over. If progress on that is what comes from this, I have no complaints at all; same-sex blessings and gay Bishops are very secondary issues when considering what's going on elsewhere.)

Marshall Scott said...

mumcat, I'll look forward to catching your rant. Aren't rants such fun?

I certainly agree with you about the Prayer Book rite. I am saddened when colleagues do it poorly, with little apparent investment or interest. Of course, we're a more visual than auditory these days, and people don't necessarily hear and consider words they way they used to. Look, for example, at the poor quality of religious discourse.

Anyway, thanks.

Marshall Scott said...


Thanks for the comment.

I wrestle long and hard with the statement, "Justice delayed is justice denied." I recognize both its accuracy and its limitations. It is certainly denied for some now; and yet it's necessary if those in the future are not to be denied. It is investment, and we regret not seeing the benefits now even as we work hard that our children might see them. (And, no, I don't claim to know what this is like for GLBT siblings; but I know what it's been like for me.)

I guess this has something to with living in faith in this perpetual Pentecost, waiting to see the Kingdom in fullness.