Sunday, November 04, 2007

In the Midst of Things

So, I'm sitting in Diocesan Convention....

This year's Diocesan Gathering and Convention got off, for me, to a bad start. After a nice afternoon ride with a colleague, I learned that the hotel's computer had lost my reservation. I note that it was the computer primarily to state my belief that it was the machine, and not a person. It's also the fact that I made my reservation on line, using the hotel's own site; so, we'll see whether I do that again.

Then, and worse, I realized I had forgotten my needlepoint.

Yes, I do needlepoint- at least at diocesan convention. I began in seminary for stress relief. I quickly learned that I was, as we used to say, an auditory learner. With my needlepoint to occupy hands and eyes, I discovered that I heard what I needed to, and missed less information because I fidgeted less.

Now I do my needlepoint only at convention. It's not that I no longer have stress. Now and again I think that I should take it out and work on it. However, we have in our household multiple cats, some of whom have significant emotional needs. I'm not so much worried about claws. I'm more worried about trying to work with a cat sitting on my head.

So, I only bring out the canvas to work on at diocesan convention. Perhaps there are other meetings to which I could bring it; but I haven't done so. It has for me become a diocesan convention tradition.

Unfortunately, I forgot to bring it. When I left the house, it remained where I had set it out. So, what was I to do to occupy eyes and hands in the midst of everything going on around me?

Fortunately, I have a PDA; and I have a blog....

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