Friday, November 14, 2008

Mount Calvary Burned

As an Associate of the Order of the Holy Cross I am among those saddened at the loss of the Mount Calvary Monastery and Retreat Center in the Tea Fire in Montecito, California. You can read an ENS reports about it here, and can see local TV news reporting here. As the TV footage shows, there was terrible destruction at the Center, and yet some things were saved. Strikingly, the garden cross still stands.

The brothers were safely evacuated, and are staying for now with the Sisters of the Holy Nativity at St. Mary's Retreat House. We're thankful that none of them was injured.

I have visited other houses of the Order, including the recently-closed Incarnation Priory in Berkeley (most of whose monks were relocated to Mount Calvary). I had hoped one day to visit Mount Calvary as well. While that hope isn't gone, it is certainly put off. With many others, I look forward to the new monastery that will be built, and pray for the continued ministry of the Order, not only in the Santa Barbara area, but also for the larger church.

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Anonymous said...

My few days and nights at Mt Calvary are among my most treasured. The times chanting with the brothers, the Eucharist, walking the Labyrinth are all etched in my mind. My heart was lifted by my time there mourning the loss of my mother. The hours spent in centering prayer gave me strength to move on in my life. The few pictures I took evoke vivid memories. Hopefully a new center can be built. I'm grateful that the brothers were not injured in body.