Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Newer at Episcopal Cafe (And It's Not Mine)

My colleague, Andrew Gerns, has posted a new article at Episcopal Café on “Hearing the Voices of Healthcare Chaplains.” Andrew, who has is own blog here, was a chaplain himself for a significant part of his career, so he appreciates the value of our work. His post today has a number of links worth exploring (including a reference to “Episcopal Chaplain at the Bedside”).

The core of the post is this article at Religion Dispatches by Wendy Cadge on the Sociology faculty at Brandeis University. She has a great interest in chaplaincy, and is doing research for several projects. Her article is worth noting in and of itself. As a practicing chaplain I welcome this article and her interest in general.

So, take some time and take a look.

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