Saturday, July 11, 2009

Daily Notes on General Convention

I haven't written a lot here about General Convention. In part, that's because I've been writing elsewhere. A colleague and I are alternating writing on our diocesan web site about General Convention. If you'd like to see those, check out things here. I'm writing reports for even days (Days 2 and 4 so far), while my colleague is writing the odd numbered days. Feel free to read both.

If you're looking for other sources, the ones I recommend are the Episcopal News Service and the Episcopal Cafe. I would encourage also to look at other diocesan web sites. Many dioceses have someone writing regularly, whether bishops, deputies, or both; and that variety of writers will give a better perspective on feelings and perceptions, and not just the news items.

General Convention is a significant event every three years, and a lot of people are involved. Take some time to hear those voices.

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