Friday, September 18, 2009

Outrage at Episcopal Cafe

My newest piece is up today at Episcopal Cafe. It is my expression of outrage relevant to the issue raised of health care for illegal immigrants. Of course, as my regular readers will know, I'm not outraged at the same things as the shouting critics.

So, link over to the Cafe. And while you're there, read what my colleagues have written there, and take the trouble to leave a comment. We want to reflect good ideas and good discussion in and about the Episcopal Church, and we want it to be as wide as possible. So, come and see.


Anonymous said...

Great thoughts at Episcopal Cafe. Since I can't comment there, I'll just say it here. Jack

Marshall Scott said...

Thanks, Jack. And if there's something you'd like to say there, send it to me and I'll post it on your behalf. I will need your last name if we do that.

Marshall Scott said...

Jack, you'll find the comment you sent is now posted at the Cafe.