Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Model of Being a Research Informed Chaplain

I have commented before on the concept of being a “research informed chaplain.” I based that reflection on a comment from George Fitchett, who epitomizes that effort. Well, now George has published a review of a new research article at PlainViews. If you’re not already regularly checking out PlainViews, this is a good time and reason to start.

George has reviewed an article coming out of a large, multi-center cancer study. That article should be of interest, as he demonstrates, because it suggests that interventions by chaplains have demonstrable and measurable benefits for patients in the study – something that we’ve been pursuing for some time. At the same time, George models reading the article critically, noting its strengths and limitations, and especially how those limitations affect its real usefulness for chaplains.

So, take the time to read George’s piece at PlainViews. And while you’re there, check out the other articles on the site, both current and in the Archives. PlainViews is a valuable resource for chaplains who want to keep current, and to be not only research informed, but professionally informed.

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