Tuesday, February 02, 2010

This Week at Grand Rounds: Chaplain Scott Presents (Among Others)

Grand Rounds, the weekly carnival of medical and health care blogs, is up at "Musings of a Distractible Mind."  My post , "Please Dr. Gupta, I Don't Want to Go, Part 1," was accepted for Rounds this week.  Dr. Rob, whose mind is, I suppose, the one easily disracted, has delegated the writing to Punxatawny Phil of Groundhog Day fame.  Yes, siblings, Phil did get my name wrong, but I have to blame that in part on the layout of my blog that keeps making the second L in my name look like a middle initial.  But, hey, I'm all for supporting the creative efforts of meteorological rodents.

While you're there, take a look at some other posts of interest to chaplains.  There's the psychologist who writes about the difference between remembering and reliving traumatic events.  There's the physician writing about going to a patient's funeral.  There's the post about patients receiving surgeries they wouldn't have chosen.  There are clearly a number of articles here of interest, not to mention an attachment with a number of posts about providing care these days in Haiti.

So, step into Grand Rounds.  Check it out this week, and see if it's an event you want to follow weekly.  You never know what you might find - even if it's in a groundhog's burrow!

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Dr. Rob said...

I fixed it. You can't trust a groundhog. I get the "s" left off of my name all the time, so I am especially sorry.