Monday, May 31, 2010

CPE Bloggers for Summer, 2010

Summer is beginning, and it's time for me once again to note the blogs of folks who will be going through CPE this summer.  Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) is the primary clinical experience for those of us who are chaplains.  However, most of the folks who go through CPE aren't called to chaplaincy.  Instead, they're training for other ministries, and CPE is recommended by school or judicatory or both.  However, CPE provides an opportunity to learn about oneself in ministry that few other experiences offer.  And, while some folks take a while to realize this, the skills for self-awareness, assessment of spiritual need, and establishing relationships quickly all function on other arenas of ministry.

So, here is the list as I've found it so far this summer:

These are the summer students I've found to this point (and I'll add if I find others).  Take some time to check them out, and leave supportive comments.  CPE is certainly emotionally challenging, and encouraging voices are never out of place.
And then there are the continuing posts of Alan Abrams at abayye.  Alan is a CPE Supervisor, and his insights area always interesting.

So, take some time to check in with these folks.  CPE is always a time for great insight, even if often difficult.  At the same time, as I say periodically to CPE students, there are no bad experiences in CPE.  There are good experiences, and good learning experiences.


onetorontoseminarian said...

Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words on my post about personality typing ... AND for including my blog in your list here.
I was asked this past weekend how I was enjoying CPE and I responded with I know at the end of the summer I will look back and see that it was an amazing experience, but being in the midst of it I can't quite see that yet. I can say that I've already seen God at work in me through the experience.
It touches my heart deeply that you are so willing to offer and encourage others to offer support to me and others in CPE.
God's peace,

♥ julie said...

Nancy, I would like to echo your statements. Marshall, I really appreciate the support you have voiced here for those of us experiencing CPE this summer, and it even led another blogger familiar with CPE to leave an encouraging comment on my blog. I know that this summer is going to be full of learning experiences, but I am also having difficulty seeing the full value of them in the midst of things. I am sincere in my thanks to you and to the other bloggers, both for your support here as well as your prayers.