Monday, October 11, 2010

Opportunities to Hear From Military Chaplains

I received an interesting email from Marcia Colgar, owner of the website She has a blog on her website, and she wanted to inform me of her post, Top 25 Chaplain Bloggers. And I do find it interesting. All of these bloggers are military chaplains; and while I have spent my career in health care chaplaincy, I have great respect for my colleagues in military chaplaincy. I did also note that right now one of them is in health care chaplaincy. Specifically, he’s just begun a CPE Residency in a military hospital.

I am not making comments pro or con regarding online education. I’ve known graduates from Ivy League schools who appeared to have come away with all the right connections, and virtually nothing else of value; and I’ve known folks who really had learned an awful lot simply in being well read. I will say that the blog is interesting, including in addition to the list of military chaplain blogs, the (very respectful!) post 50 Best Blogs for Wiccans. So, take a look at least at the Top 25 Chaplain Bloggers, and remember the important ministries of our colleagues in military chaplaincy.

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