Tuesday, November 23, 2010

For Episcopal Chaplains: Info on the 2011 Annual Meeting of AEHC

Let me share a brief note for my Episcopal chaplain colleagues.  Members of the Executive Committee of the Assembly of Episcopal Healthcare Chaplains (AEHC) are making preparations for our next Annual Meeting.  Once again this year we will meet in the context of the Annual Conference of the Association of Professional Chaplains (APC), meeting in Dallas March 24 through 27.  At this point, it appears that AEHC events will take place Friday, March 25.

Again this year AEHC will sponsor the Episcopal Breakfast on that Friday morning.  In light of changes to the APC Conference schedule, we will also incorporate the AEHC Conference Eucharist and the Annual Meeting into the Breakfast.  We will also have the AEHC Annual Banquet that Friday evening.  Our speaker will be Lee Hogan, Program coordinator for the Anglican Health Network (AHN).  He is particularly involved in the Health Microinsurance program that the AHN is piloting in Tanzania.  I have met Mr. Hogan, and have heard him speak on this subject.  His conviction about the program is contagious.  Look for more information as details are made final.

And if you’d like recent information about the Anglican Health Network, check out the website.  The October Newsletter is available there, with information about the Health Microinsurance program, and about growth of hospitals in India’s Kerala State, supported by the Church of South India.  It’s exciting reading for those of us who are interested in not only knowing about but supporting health ministries across the Communion.

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