Monday, April 04, 2011

The Latest on Endorsement for Episcopal Healthcare Chaplains

"Becoming an Episcopal chaplain," and seeking "endorsement for healthcare ministries" in the Episcopal Church, are perhaps the two most common search strings that bring folks to this blog; and, of course, the two questions overlap.  Some changes are in the works, and I wanted to make sure folks who come here will be up to date.

Margie Tuttle, the Immediate Past President of AEHC, has had a conversation with Terry Foster at the Episcopal Church Center. Terry is the person who processes applications for endorsement.  The Episcopal Church web site is being redesigned once again. Therefore, the online application form for endorsement for healthcare chaplaincy may not be readily available.  Terry asked that we spread the word that anyone interested in endorsement call or e-mail her directly at (212) 716-6068 or e-mail her at I would presume she could also be reached through the Episcopal Church Center's 800 number: (800) 334-7626 , ext. 6068. If you're thinking about endorsement, or know someone who is, please pass this on.

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