Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Side Comment

You may have noticed that I was silent for a while.  Part of that was Holy Week and Easter, always a busy time.  Part of that was recovery from Lent, Holy Week, and Easter - harder this year for some reason.

But, part of it was looking for something new and interesting to say.  Let's face it: there are lots of folks saying interesting things about the Anglican Covenant, or about ethics, or about the Episcopal Church.  I was feeling some writer's block: what did I have to say that was noteworthy?

So, I'm stepping back a bit, and taking a different focus.  That's why the momentary reflections on the Office Lectionary have been happening.  I'll get back to writing the essays soon.  With even a few days of a different focus, I'm picking up on some news items I'd been overlooking.  In the meantime, the door stays open. I'm happy when folks find interesting something I've posted here.  And even if it's an old post, feel free to comment. After all, it's nice to find some of those things still relevant.

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