Friday, March 16, 2012

More on the Denominational Health Plan

I mentioned last week that two dioceses had submitted C resolutions to General Convention regarding the Denominational Health Plan under the Church Medical Trust. I was interested that those two dioceses (one of which is my own) agreed that implementation should be delayed, but disagreed about what the end result should be.

Today the Episcopal News Services released this story about the Denominational Health Plan. It turns out that there are more than two dioceses - perhaps many more than two - concerned about the impact of the plan. I won't try to detail the various concerns. I suggest you read the story.

What does seem to be at issue, though, is the recurring questions of what justice might require, and whose ox gets gored. More to the point, one theme among various apparently different comments is this: should I get behind significant cost savings across the board, if I don't see cost savings immediately in my own local circumstances?

We'll have some interesting things to talk about in Indianapolis this summer: the Anglican Communion Covenant; blessings of gay and lesbian couples; possibly reshaping the Episcopal Church; and what kind of budget we need for the Episcopal Church, whatever shape it's in. We'll have many things to talk about, but I won't be surprised if this topic doesn't generate as much discussion as any of these others.

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