Thursday, February 14, 2013

Newest from the Anglican Health Network (Updated)

I have had news today from Paul Holley, Coordinator of the Anglican Health Network. The AHN is sponsoring a conference in April titled Faith in Health and Healing. You can access the portal here.

From the portal, you can access the document Faith in Health & Healing: Integrating the church with health services. Even if you're not going to the conference, this is well worth reading. In preparation for the conference, Paul has pulled together materials from his planning team, and published them in one volume. There are brief introductions to a variety of topics, with such catchy titles as, "Health, dying, and human flourishing;" "Medicine and people: medicalisation, personhood and religious experience;" and "The church in the governance and deliver of health services." There's a nice section chaplaincy in the National Health Service, and a couple of brief case studies.

I don't know how many of my readers would be able to attend the conference itself. As much as I would enjoy it, I won't be able to go. However, the pre-conference paper is well worth reviewing on its own merit. So, take a look at the portal and the plan for the conference; and by all means read what has been prepared.

Update 2/18/2013: In addition to the materials for the Faith in Health And Healing Conference, there is a new Anglican Health Network Newsletter. There seem to be some difficulties at the AHN web site. So, if you're interested you can access here in the web pages of the Standing Commission on Health. It is also well worth reviewing.

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