Thursday, September 19, 2013

Another Voice, and Early in the Process

From one blog to another. Regular readers may know that each year I go looking in May and June for folks blogging about the CPE experience. I realized a bit too late that I hadn’t done that search this year. However, honored colleague George Handzo has pointed me to a new one. Christine Davies is a CPE Supervisory Education Student in New York, and she’s blogging about her experiences at Journeying Alongside ~ Chaplaincy & CPE in NYC.

I think it’s good every now and again to read, and to offer some support, for folks in the process. Readers of the blog abbaye have had the opportunity to get his perspective on that practice. Now we have the chance to follow with Christine. (And be sure to look at abbaye and at George’s blog, both linked in the sidebar under “Blogs Discussing Chaplaincy.”)

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