Saturday, March 22, 2014

Working on Visibility

Well, not me, really. I've been pretty quiet for a while now, and I'm working on getting back into gear. In the meantime, we're working on making the Assembly of Episcopal Healthcare Chaplains (AEHC) more visible. To that end, there is now an AEHC Facebook Page. This will give us more visibility for those already on Facebook, and a way to share our story. It will also give us visibility beyond Facebook because Facebook Pages are searchable, and will pop up in Google, etc. We'll have a way to connect with new folks, and to hear from supporters across the Church and beyond.

In time, we'll also have a Facebook Group. We'll use that for conversation and discussion. While we work on that, please share with friends and colleagues about our new outlet. Take a look and add your comments. Let's use this to make more and more folks aware of the healthcare chaplains in the Episcopal Church.

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