Thursday, April 10, 2014

Chaplains Need to See This

PlainViews, the on line journal for chaplains, is a resource I have mentioned before. It's in the sidebar of this blog because its information is worthwhile. The one limitation is that it is a subscription journal, and so most articles are behind the pay wall.

The newest edition has come out, and this edition is open access. That is, all the articles are available to anyone. That's important, because the topic of this edition is recent conference, "Caring for the Human Spirit: Driving the Research Agenda for Spiritual Care in Health Care." The articles in this edition of PlainViews reflect the presentations at the conference, and offer a number of interesting recent research studies about how chaplains work and how patients and caregivers benefit. So, I would encourage chaplain colleagues (and, really, anyone else who's interested) to take advantage of this open access edition. See what others are doing to study how we work and how patients, families, staff members are served. There's a lot here for us to think about.

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