Friday, October 24, 2014

A Poem Today: 10-24-14

The Pelican

The pelican on the piling,
Grey and brown in the sunlight,
Gazes over the water. 
It is and is not his home. 
In it he finds, 
From it he takes, 
The fish that sustain him and his. 
On it he finds,
Over it he rides,
The thermals that lift up him and his. 
On it he rests. 
In it he dives. 
It is and is not his home. 

But there on the piling he gazes, 
And to the sun he turns
And opens his wings,
Taking in the warmth,
Taking in the strength 

I spread my arms to the sun 
Wings heavier and weaker than his,
To feel the warmth,
To feel the strength. 
Illumine me this day
That I may find what I need
That I may be lifted up
That I may find rest
On the water
That is and is not my home. 


Unknown said...

Quite lovely. Thank you Marshall.
Anne Meredith Kyle

Ann said...

Thanks Marshall