Monday, December 19, 2016

Opportunity for Fun for Wonks and Geeks Like Me

This morning I received a link to a page that ought to be exciting - if you think knowing about published research is exciting. Take a look at the Top 100 Articles of 2016 as compiled by Altmetric. Altmetric is new to me, too. They say of themselves, "Altmetric is a Digital Science company based in London, UK. Our mission is to track and analyse the online activity around scholarly research outputs."

At any rate, their list of the most reviewed articles is interesting. They include at least one unexpected author. And, at least some of the articles are available for anyone to read (and, yes, for some you'll need to get the journal in which it was published).

So, take a quick look to see at least which was number 1. Take a quick scan, and you'll discover a number that are not only of broad interest, but also accessible to a broad audience. (And thanks to Becker's Hospital Review for the link.)

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