Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Brief Note: Politics

Not long ago my best beloved answered the phone to a machine call with a political survey. She always says she's "Moderate" and "Undecided," because otherwise they just sign off, and she wants to see who's calling and what they'll say.

From the tenor of the questions, she decided this survey was for a conservative client. She was particularly struck by two questions: "Do you think the Supreme Court should make decisions based on the law and the Consititution, or on fairness and justice;" and "Do you think recent decisions of the Supreme Court have been based on the law and the Constitution, or on fairness and justice?"

Since she was responding to a machine and not a person, she didn't just laugh at the absurdity of this false dichotomy. Still, we both thought is at best sad and at worst troubling that someone would think the dichotomy wasn't false.

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