Friday, December 05, 2008

Next AEHC Events

A number of readers come to this blog to find information about the Assembly of Episcopal Healthcare Chaplains (AEHC), or more generally about health care chaplaincy in the Episcopal Church. Well, plans are now in process for the next meeting of AEHC. We will be meeting in the context of Summit ’09 of the Spiritual Care Collaborative. Official dates of the Summit itself are Sunday, February 1, through Wednesday, February 4. However, some participating organizations may have events beginning as early as Wednesday, January 8.

There will be a Faith Group Breakfast for Episcopalians on Monday, February 2. While we encourage AEHC members to participate, this is an event of Summit ’09. In the past this has been supported in part by the Office of the Suffragan Bishop for Chaplaincies, Bishop George Packard. It is well worth the time and opportunity to meet Episcopalians across the participating organizations.

As I said, specific plans for AEHC activities are still in process. However, when they’re ready they will be posted on the AEHC web site on the “Key Events” page. If know you’re going to be attending Summit ’09, come and join us in AEHC and other Episcopal activities.

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