Wednesday, September 01, 2010

An Opportunity

I don't often recommend a service, but here's one for all my chaplain geek colleagues - that is, for the really determined research-informed chaplains.  SAGE Publications offers a wide selection of professional journals, including many from outside the United States.  I first discovered them when accessing journals through my health system's library, but then was able to access them from home.  Many of them they make available on the web.

Now and again SAGE Journals Online offer free access to their entire list.  I'm sure they hope that readers will discover journals to which they want to subscribe.  In any case, periodically they offer an opportunity to sign up for free access, usually for a period of four to six weeks.  For those of us who find browsing new journals to be voyages of intellectual discovery, it's a lot of fun.  For example, a search on the word "chaplain" produces more than 2800 citations.

And they're offering it now.  So, link over and think about whether you want to register.  You might find a lot to see.

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