Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Another Blog on Chaplaincy - One You Need to Know

As you know, I try to keep up with blogs focused on chaplaincy and spiritual care. Well, one of the most important voices among chaplains today is George Handzo of Handzo Consulting. George is an experienced chaplain, and one of those behind the Standards of Practice for Chaplains in Acute Care. Handzo Consulting has a web site; and the Handzo Consulting web site has a blog.

George's purpose in Handzo Consulting is important for chaplains. In his own words, "The mission of Handzo Consulting is to provide strategies to fully integrate spirituality into health care." He has been working on this and writing about this for years. I've had the pleasure of working and discussing with him for a long time, and it's always been worthwhile. So, take the time to look at Handzo Consulting and at George's blog. For anyone interested in spiritual care, it's worthwhile. For those of us working as chaplains, and working to improve chaplaincy, it's required reading.

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