Tuesday, January 01, 2013

What Comes of Listening

Not long ago, I received an email from a reader. Olivia was kind enough to note a link from an early post that was no longer working. The link was important, too, because it was a link to the Belmont Report. The Belmont Report was the critical American response to issues rising from such unethical research as the Nazi atrocities revealed in the Nuremburg trials, or the Tuskegee Experiment. It established the basic standards for involving human subjects in medical research. It also established the basis for the ethical standards we apply in medical treatment. Clearly, this was a link I wanted to work and so needed to know when it didn't.

In addition, Olivia shared this link.  The site that this page is part of is about links to for-profit universities. I'm not endorsing any of those schools, nor the site per se. However, the page itself is about protecting the rights of human subjects in research, and the information is accurate. 

So, I appreciate Olivia's email, and the attention of all of my readers. And as for the link she recommends, do take a look. It has useful information on research rights. As for that site as a whole: well, just be thoughtful and remember whose age it actually is.

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